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Welcome to Uplanders Warehouse! Here's a little background on the business and the proprietor - Jared Tanner.


I had been working for 'the man' my entire professional career before I finally decided to combine my expertise and experience in ecommerce and running websites with my passion for upland bird hunting. I know, I know… the experts all say not to turn your hobby into your business, or inevitably you'll start to hate your hobby.

Well, I disagree with the experts. I strongly feel that my passion and love for upland hunting are keys to driving this business. I also lean on my experience as an avid golfer who had worked in the golf business for the past several years (running a popular golf website for a national golf retailer). The truth is, I played more golf and had more wonderful golf benefits than at any other time in my life. I absolutely loved it! I fully expect my involvement with Uplanders Warehouse to equate to more days in the field (now officially called 'product testing'). But I do promise not to let the hunting trips cause delays in shipping your orders!

Our mission with Uplanders Warehouse is to offer the best and biggest assortment of upland hunting gear anywhere. To this end, we are authorized dealers of Browning, Boyt, Bob Allen, Filson, Pella Products, Turtleskin, Walls and more. We also carry a large assortment of shotgun ammunition and other hunting accessories such as knives, optics and lights. If a product can or should be used by upland hunters, our goal is to offer it at a good value.

I'm not going solo here - Uplanders Warehouse is fully staffed with a great wife, 4 wonderful kids (child labor is very economical) and 3 solid German Shorthairs who have been force-broke to retrieve product off the shelves (ok, not really - but I like the idea!). I expect that we'll have to start bringing in some additional help shortly as the number of orders keeps growing (grandma and grandpa warming up in the bullpen). I am also a big proponent of conservation and habitat - creating environments where birds (and hunters) can thrive and be successful for generations to come. That is why I created the 'U Donate' program that allows you to select your favorite conservation group and Uplanders Warehouse makes a donation from every product purchase. We're the only retailer I know of that commits a fixed percentage of all sales to conservation groups.

I am also committed to bringing you the best selection of upland gear at the best prices. We're still growing and adding new product to the site every week - so if you don't find what you're looking for, please check back often - or better yet, shoot me a note and tell me what you want (I'm very good at custom requests).

We encourage you to browse our website and give us your feedback. Tell us what you think or if you have any suggestions or recommendations for us. I know that many of you are just as passionate about upland hunting as we are - and I'm sure there are some great ideas out there that could help make our site even better.

Thank you for shopping with us,


PS - If you read this far down the page, you might also enjoy my random thoughts in JT's Upland Blog.

And when we're not hunting or working dogs, we can be found at the company's address:

Uplanders Warehouse

25026 Mills Pass Ct

Katy, TX 77494

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